23 October 2011

Pork Tenderloin: My Way

Today is Sunday... which is generally set for goin out to lunch after church, but comma today i didnt wanna go out... i wanted somethin different

so my thought was pork tenderloin, my way!

started with a just under 5 lb tenderloin. and veggies and herbs outta my garden ( i love that thing!!)

Put some of the herbs, oregano, basil and parsley with some olive oil in the bottom of a aluminum pan then deveined, and seeded a single jalepeno. then diced it teeny tiny to spread the spicy love
then did the same with green bell peppers, sliced them thin and dropped them in pan, next player on deck is my friend garlic.
Peeled, and squashed about 5 cloves of garlic, then laid out on the meat where i wanted em, made garlic sized slits in the meat and pushed em in trying to center the garlic, in the meat.
After a light seasoning with a lil season salt, course pepper, italian seasoning ( grinder) and just a lil more course sea salt, on top of the bed of greens stuff the t-loin went with smore of my fresh herbs on top.into the fridge over night then the morning came. it was time to start the fire, this is where i get serious.

NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER use lighter fluid...for your charcoal needs... i mean really in the long run, a chimney starter will #1 save you money #2 NOT MAKE YOUR FOOD TASTE LIKE CRAP!!!!! go buy one instead of the 6 dollar bottle of lighter fluid... i mean really c'mon...

anyways now that Mr. Rant is done, simply take paper towel and soak with veggie oil, ( or you can just use a decent amount of newspaper, and stick it under the chimney.

Then simply light, and come back in the same amount of time it would take for your precious lighter fluid to "burn" off.... seriously dude... GET A CHIMNEY!!!! 9AM  i threw the pork on UNCOVERED for the first hour @ 250deg (for now) then the cover went on, but not before my extra bit of love in the form of the contents of a full can of coke.

After returning from church @ 12...ish ( so if you are keeping track that's 3 hours) off comes the pork, the temp was at 200 ish, OMG you say, pork tenderloin is ruined at that temp... from what i had read i hesitated thinking this might be... but zero stress level, i knew what to do.

As the foil came off, i was greeted to a steamy love scene of porky goodness in a bath of sweet savory coca-cola and other porky juice. i removed it from the bath and put it in a robe of aluminum foil and wrapped in a towel to rest, while i fixed the rest of the meal. Starting with fried corn, which is simply chopped bacon, in a frying pan til it's crispy, then put the frozen corn in to do it's thing, S&P to taste. The juices from the roast simply went into a pot to simmer down a bit, adding a bit of cornstarch to thicken it up a bit for a nice sauce.

there were mashed taters too, but if you dunno how to make mashed taters... i cant help you... you'll need a professional.



  1. Mmmmmmm...you are makng my mouth water! I didn't eat breakfast and I am starving! Well done, K, Well done! Hugs, GraceinAZ (er...Pat)