10 October 2011


That was a long weekend, busy weekend, mind screwing, rewarding weekend. ( that's alotta emotions for one weekend!!)

This was the inaug...first weekend for BubbaStew BBQ to do aything, and it was... AWESOME.

Friday i had a cook for the teachers at the First Baptist Church Christian Academy. Brisket, porkbutt, coleslaw, Bubba's BBQ Beans, and Bubba's twist on cornbread. and from the look of the leftovers, they all loved it!

lesson learned here however was that starting earlier than needed, is indeed a good plan of action. i started at 8 pm, the shindig was to kick off at noon.... almost didnt make time because the meat just didnt not want to come up to temp.. but all was good in the end...

Rule#1: START EARLY!!!

Next up of the two gigs for Sunday was my ma's shindig. Brisket, porkbutt, and a couple chickens. I learned from the last cook ( thur/fri) to start early.  Rule 1 was in effect, shindig was at noon, so i decided to get the meat on at 2 pm. Off I went meat on, on time.

Everything came out top notch with ma's cook, spatchcocked the chicken ( i cut out the spine, and remove the ribs so that the chicken lays flat on the grate, cooks even and quickly, and i think it looks cool when served this way)

Rule #2: Foil is your friend,  not a crutch

The Final chapter in the story is the Church's shindig for 160+ people at the park. 3 big briskets, 4 decent porkbutts, and 25 lbs of chicken both white and dark meat. Again following R1 ( that's rule 1 from here on out in The Bubba Chronicles) i started early, the shindig was to start at 4pm, so i thought 5 pm would be a good time to get the meat on and it was so. The smokers filled to the brink with ma's shindig meat and the church's meat, they smoked along beautifully, i went to bed at 12, and thinking i'd need to check on it i set the alarm for 4pm... checked it all, and all was well, shoulda stayed sleepin!!

Made it to the park ( after scrambling around for all my serving supplies) and served up the 'Que ( to my AZ readers when bubba says Que, that isnt "que" as in the spanish "what" it is barbe'QUE) and hardly any leftovers, chicken was left over that's it.

Rule #3: Organization is CRITICAL!!!
                i really need to work on a system for this, and an easy transport solution for it.

All in all this was a very very rewarding weekend. I hope to get a call soon, so i can do it again!!!



  1. Glad everything went well fer BubbaStew! Hopefully this weekend kicks off a wonderful and long relationship with SV and 'que biz. :)

  2. Hey, Kevin...it's Pat Mallett, your Mom's friend...aka GraceinAZ (my blogging name). It sounds like you have everything under control and are feeding the masses with delish food! Way to go! Visit me and follow my blog when you get a minute - Growing Old With Grace http://growing-old-with-grace.blogspot.com/

  3. thanks sis!!, and thanks Pat, i'll have to do that!! im on the twitter too, so i'll try and find you there cuz it looks like you found me ;)