30 December 2011

I've changed my mind...i can do that, it's mine to change

Sun setting behind the Mimosa 
In the last post, i mentioned Grimaldi's as my fave pizza ever....scratch that....like this....fave pizza ever Grimaldi's ....instead of Grimaldi's being my fave, a new local place just opened up. It's been a long time since i mentioned it... PIZZERIA MIMOSA is finally opened, and it is a breath of fresh air, culinarily speaking of course. Fresh, Authentic Neapolitan Pizza, just what this lil town of ours needed, and very welcomed by me and mine.

This story really starts Thursday night, opening night. Now i am one that believes that no matter what.... ya just dont go to a new place on it's first night.... there are bound to be hiccups, but with PM, i felt something different, i wanted to be there  opening night, BUT

I wasnt disappointed that i couldnt get a pizza first time out, a lil snafu with  a dough shortage  (because of a HUGE takeout, and in restaurant demand) led me on to the Gnocchi, which had  a fabulous texture, and an extraordinary Gorgonzola cream sauce, as if that wasn't good enough, there's smoked proscuitto and roasted mushrooms, and a bit of arugula.

That came after the salad i got which was simply called a P.L.T. (Pancetta Lettuce Tomato) Using a nice Butter Leaf lettuce, and exceptional croutons... and by exceptional i mean they werent so stinkin hard that they slice your gums to shreds when you eat them, and they werent so soft that they were like bread... these are gooood croutons. < this guy talks a lot about croutons <  hey... i like croutons..

Vanilla Gelato

Panna Cotta
Dessert time was next and (again) after a hugely busy night all that was left were two desserts... the Vanilla Gelato, and the Panna Cotta the table chose both, and both were excellent. The Panna Cotta which is a cooked cream dessert with a fresh berry/syrup topping, complemented the dinner nicely, and the berries and cream were delicious together. The vanilla gelato, was superb, smooth and creamy, a great way to finish off a great meal.

A great first night for me was made even better with great service by our waitress Katie..( hope i spelled your name right if you read this < lemme know if i didnt > ) and the ever helpful busboy Nelson!

Great First Night Pizzeria Mimosa

Pizzeria Mimosa Entrance

Now that you are caught up from yesterday lets take a trip inside Pizzera Mimosa. There is a small ...i'd call it a wine shop.... google translate tells me that's ENOTECA in ole Italia. Here there is a fine ( im guessing i dont partake in the alcoholic drink action) selection of italian wines, and spirits, as well as imported pastas and even the flour that they make the pizzas with! Gordon runs this side of the house and was very informative with any questions i had.
Gordon in his domain.

The "wine shop" as I call it....or Enoteca, as it is referred to in ole Italia.
Tonight pizza was on my radar. I was in it to win it, and boy did i ever. I start my new pizza quest with the simplest pizza on the menu at any pizza place. Here it is the Margherita pizza. Which was named for queen Margherita of Italy back in the day served to her in resemblance of the Italian flag, with it's simple Tomato, Sliced Mozzarella, and basil.

Margherita Pizza


enjoying her pizza Jené dislikes photos...

While i went the simple route Sister Jene got the Eliseo and thoroughly enjoyed it. everyone else got a Margherita with pepperoni and leftovers were scarce. So after cleaning our plates we decided to get dessert since the table next to us twisted our arms into it.... by simply ordering it.... what is it... IT is Pizzeria Mimosa's Nutella Pizza.... there was no time to get a photo of the awesome power of this dessert but imagine a pizza crust covered in nutella, a scoop of vanilla gelato with a dusting of cocoa powder, and sliced almonds... there was 6 of us... that's how many you need for this dessert pizza...dont get it for yourself... that's just fat... share it fatty, the goodness that is the nutella pizza!

I'll leave you tonight with this....i dont know for sure... but i think that this is the only place in town that you'll see this. This is the only place in town that you will get a wood fired pizza made in the traditional way, in this beautiful of a setting. I cannot wait til the spring time and summer as the days get longer sitting outside on the back porch soaking in the gorgeous Huachuca Mountain views that make Pizzeria Mimosa's location so spectacular. I can only imagine that over the next few months that the pizzas will get THAT much better as the oven seasons in with the thousands of pizzas that should flow in and out it's fiery mouth. As the cook staff get the swing of each other and the demand that we will place on them it will get even better. Next time you are craving a pizza, do yourself a favor... skip pizza hut, drive past peter piper, and get out to hereford ( really it's only like 10 min drive) and see what quality tastes like.

I suppose that i should point you in a direction to travel in order to get yourself some of this goodness!! so here you go!
520 378 0022
Pizzeria Mimosa
4755 E. Neapolitan Way, Hereford, AZ

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  1. Agree! And with the unseasonably warm weather yesterday we were "sitting outside on the back porch soaking in the gorgeous Huachuca Mountain views that make Pizzeria Mimosa's location so spectacular". They even have heaters that kicked on just as the sun set behind the peak.

  2. It sure is hard to beat a good Margherita pizza. Can't go wrong with the Neapolitan style pie. Wish there were more places like that here in Charlotte. Here there is nothing but New York style places.

  3. Thank you both for stopping by, i'm glad to have spread the good word of Pizzeria Mimosa. If you are local, send people here so that i may convince them to go there ;)

    thanks again for reading.

  4. Where is it? Address?

  5. Very Good point, i will get that fixed thanks for bringing it up!

  6. Great write-up, Kevin! We'll try it soon's I get over this stinkin' cold & sore throat so I can properly taste the food!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ (Pat M)

  7. thanks CA Wine Club, and Grace, if ...no WHEN you make it there, you WILL NOT be disappointed

  8. Very nice Well Done!!