02 January 2012

BubbaStew's BBQ Chickn Wangs

BubbaStew's BBQ Chickn Wangs

bag o drummets
your fave hot sauce
bouta stick o butter
Patio Daddio's ultimate Turkey brine < < < check out that link GOOOOD STUFF
brown and white ( or natural) sugars
litta bitta orange juice

 FIRST!!! ya gotta soak the bird wangs in the brine over night if ya can you might not need to... but i do, that's why i used the electrons to tell ya about it. rinse em off , dry em off  (important!!) and coat em in a lil bitta oil, canola oil is what i chose. this will help crisp the skin a bit. do all this afore ya throw em on the weber which should be set up indirect ready to cook bout 350ISH... it's bbq... not the over will NOT be exact, and doesnt need to be.

They went on at 9 and by 930 they  
were at 170, time to asauce em up!!

For that i went with roughly a stick of butter UNSALTED a bottle yep the whole thing of the roasted garlic Lousiana pictured, then added a spoon of "natural" sugar, and a spoon of brown sugar, then added a shot of orange juice... let it do it's thing right quick, then added a tsp of flour... then more... and a lil more after that to get it to thicken like i wanted it. let it come to a boil and again let it do it's thang til i had somethin else to do.

sauced wangs, nothing special here toss in the sauce...

BUT then!! i wanted to try for a lil crunch.. so i sprankled some flour on the wangs, and tossed again to thicken it smore...
then back out on the Weber. let em cook fer bout 10 min i reckon, then i tossed again in the sauce, and boy these things smell good!!

these things are nice, they are not that punch in the face spicy  that some wings turn out to be, thanks to the sugar added, but rather they'll judo chop you in the throat "lightly". So you still get to taste all the flavor of the chicken, and the complexity of the brine and of course the heat-n-sweet of the wang sauce, with a nice undertone of hickory smokey goodness. 

Do yourself a favor, next time you are lookin for wangs skip the premade junk and make your own junk, it might not be better for you, but it'll taste better, i  guarantee!


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