18 February 2012

Bubba Stew's BBQ Chili

 Hey Yall, it's been a minit since ya heard from me, but im still here live and kickin, was a busy buncha weekends goin racin and whatnot, you can check that out on youtube here

back to the food.

Basically... i was semi voluntold that i'd be makin chili for the church shindig this weekend so what a better way to knock out a few to do's, 
                    (vv dont wanna hear bout the badwords... that's what it's called vv)
  • Review Bigmista's Bitchin' Beef Rub
  • BBQ ( gotta get that in, it's my fave!!)
  • learn temp control on the 22.5" Weber

so here's what i WANTED to do.. i was gonna go for a tritip (again) or two, ( cuz they are awesome) but
  1. the walmart was out ( AGAIN)
  2. the fry's price DOUBLED from last week...
so sirloin roast it was.. about a 3lbr, is the size i chose
 Then i butterflied it so that it wouldnt take as long, AND i could double...ish the  surface area that the rub would cover.

   then i rubbed my meat long and hard with Bigmista's rub,and let it set while the fire got hot.      

 Next... actually not next, but i missed the pics of starting the base, which was some onions, sweated out in some olive oil, then to that i added 2 cans of tomater paste, and 2 cans of stewed/diced maters. along with an ish ton of NewMexico RedChile powder, and Cumin. Once that was goin, I got started on the peppers, which i threw in a bowl, covered with some canola oil   and tossed to coat each one liberally (ehhhh shudder....) with oil. then onto the gasser they went to do their magic.  Roasted peppers takes any meal to the next level, and they are soooooo easy to do, just throw em on the fire, let the skins blister up then throw em in a bowl (covered) after and let set for 20 or so min and let em steam and release their skin even more, then they peel right off, and give you awesomeness, nekkid awesomeness.
this is what peppers looked like after their steam session
 While all that peppery goodness was goin down i also threw on the meat set up indirect, at about 230 deg. Same way i do TriTip. also i coated that garlic clove you saw earlier in oil and threw it on the smoke to give it some flavor that i can use later even!!

Now onto that first bullet! BigMista's Bitchin' Beef Rub, takes beef to the next level. I havent confirmed it with him, but it's got a slambit of lemon in it that really works well with beef, Think back (i dunno if it happened to you but it did me) when your gramma made you up some burgers and LOADED it with lemonpepper, that's what this has but with a mix of other spices and seasonings that balance it out. It's a coarse grained rub, and i think it would play well to being used in the tri level rub way i do things.

I havent tried it out on burgers yet, but on STRONG cuts of beef ( tritip, and this sirloin roast) it plays well against the beef and smoke. Not covering the beef flavor, or the smoke flavor, but it's the glue that holds the two together. Check out Bigmista at www.bigmista.com  follow him on twitter @bigmistasbbq, and go check out his Youtube channel at youtube.com/bigmista63

 After it was cooked to a MedRare..ish temp of 145 i took it out and rested it... then chopped it up, threw it in the chili base. That then i added the beans to, and i am not predjudice, i use all colors of beans, i've got black beans, ive got brown pinto beans, i've got red beans, and even white beans from the north, i like beans. they are a magical fruit... did you know that?? yeah the more you eat the more you toot...then you feel better the more you do that.... so you should always eat beans.... But i digress, that all went together, then i jammed the whole pot in the oven @200 deg (make sure that your pot doesnt have plastic handles or anything... make sure it's oven safe) then i went to bed.

Here's the final goodness!!!
This turned out to be one of my top 10 chili's that ive ever made, with the addition of the BBQ meat, and Bigmista's Rub, also i threw in a couple dozen green olives into the mix. I love Chili!!!

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  1. Well played young warrior. Well played.

  2. That looks so delicious. You busy March 17th? Want to come to Galveston, TX and make some of that for the church renovation benefit?

  3. wish i could, but im cookin for my church that weekend!!

    Thanks for stoppin by!!

  4. Hi, Kevin!

    What a great follow-through on your chili with the step-by-step preparation and pictures. I love your attention to detail and I'm sure what you do with the peppers, onions and garlic makes that chili sing! Wow. I've been meaning to check out Bigmista's rubs and because of this post I'm going to do it now. Really good posting, thanks for it.

    Kathy (Kathy's Smokin' on BBQ Brethren

  5. Well thank ya, and thanks for stoppin by!! I'm about due for another batch of chili! Mmmmmmm mmmmmgood! Bigmistas rubs are great! Have not been disappointed at allllllllllllllllll with any of them.