24 February 2012

...must be something in the air...

Dear family and friends, and readers of all ages,

some bad news for me at work, (AGAIN!!!!) seems that the money has run out (AGAIN!!!)  for my project, and the layoffs are comin, there are 6 of us on the chopping block... (LEAVING ONLY 3) . so unless something super drastic happens, as of the end of March i will be outta a  job.... again...

and just like last time we were lookin for a house, and i got laid off.. so maybe i'll just stop lookin to get a place of our own. then might be able to keep a job.

so if it's your thing send one up for crystal and i , if not think about us, as i dunno what im gonna do.... dunno what we're gonna do but  hope something pops up between now and then, well see He'll provide no matter what happens however, that i have faith in.

There is the BBQ venture i want to start...(STILL). (but need money to start a venture.... ) but i think it's put on hold....due to craptastic circumstances that come with losing ones job.

i'll keep yall updated as much as i can... when i feel up to it... 

thanks for being there,

Bubba Stew

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