27 November 2016


     I cherish seeing people happy. Watching what makes them happy, who makes them happy. I want people to be happy, with all my heart.

     I love seeing people sharing what makes them happy, in whatever way they share. Pictures of their family, their new car, or puppy. Because it makes them happy, it sparks a joy inside of me.

      I don't know when I started, nor when I realized, but I like helping people find their happy, find their smile. I feel that because of situations in my life I can help spread the happy, that I have experienced through those situations.

     I am one to try and be there for people, but help isn't always wanted, but I will always put myself on the line just in case, because people need to know someone is there.

     I've been there, needing someone to sit with, to talk with, to confide in, and no one is there. It's a terrible feeling, like the quicksand in movies, the more you struggle, the faster you sink. I want to be the rope that you can hold onto, and pull yourself up, I'll help pull with all my might, to see you gain your happiness again, to help you find your smile.

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