23 August 2010


that's what it sounded like.... it was sickening, it sucked the air out of my immediate area for a brief second, at the same time sending a percussion that i felt in my chest, i nor anyone else i work with had ever seen anything like it, but i learned a good lesson...cuz these things are sposed to be recycled, reused...not reduced... to this..... ahhh man, am i gonna git a butt chewin cuz of this....nah.... i didnt know anybetter.... oh well it's scrap metal now!

but back at the begining.... RCRA/OSHA guidelines of somesort, say that after an oil drum is emptied that it be triple rinsed, and to do that we have a hot "Steam" pressure washer at work, and like implied ya rinse it 3 times....with hot steamy water... so i did this, first time... oil and water came out... as expected, second time lil less oil and water.... barrel is gettin warm now, third time is a charm, hardly any oil comes out, im done. So w/o thinking of it much, i screw on the bung cap sealing the barrel, and take off in the cart to get my stickers... also a guideline, you must place an empty sticker, and a triple rinsed sticker, or marking of some kind on the barrel so there is no question that it is cleaned out and whatnot.... so i grab my stickers from the office, and walk back out to the cart to place them on there, just as.... i mean the instant almost that i place the sticker on the barrel FWAAAAAAAATHUMPBANG!!!!!!!!! i dunno what just happened, that was the loudest, chest thumping thing i have heard in a long time... guys come runnin outta the shop to see what the ruckus was..... here's the aftermath.

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