23 September 2010

A mONtH...aLReAdY ....WHeRe the EFF diD iT Go

aint written any blog stuffs in a month... what's happened in the last month.... uhhhh... just put me on the spot why dont ya....i got my tag to go kill bambi this year... so hopefully i can land a good sized Mule Deer oh man i wanna killem bad!!! i have been hunting ...wait "hunting" twice... one time we didnt see anything til the last day... well unkle al saw, shot AT one, hiked up a mountain to find nothing up there then complained like he had sand in his.... uh.... he had SVS and was complaining bunches....The second time out was less than .... we were there one day...there was piss there... less than piss....(it's AZ what do you expect???) so we went to Patagonia lake, out to the lil island and started to fish... and didnt catch piss.... cept a sore back from sleeping on the rocks...lame....
I was done with hunting... that was back in.....oh ish.... prolly middle school, and freshman year high school...maybe... not even this century.... so why now you ask??? i dont know... just one of those things ... peer pressure...maybe...sure we'll go with that... so like everything that peaks my interest i jumped in both feet.... i wanna do this bad, im on Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops lookin for new products that i HAVE to have!!! camo this, camo that... i got a bipod for grampa's ole 7mm mag, cuz i aint stackin rocks, this is 2010 dagnabbit!!! and that's that.... goin out scoutin for some mulies this weekend even... let's hope for some action!!!

got knocked up to a permanent position at work which means i get benefits now, you know insurance, PAID days off and what not that's great!! havent had any of that in a long time.

BBQ!!!...lemme rephrase that BBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRBBBBBBBBBBBBeeeeeeeeQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! yeah im still hooked, im stoked for the end of October, i have signed up for a CBJ class.... WTF does CBJ stand for you say..... Certified Barbeque Judge....ok....and what's that mean....jeeze are you dense.... google that ish.... Nah CBJ's are the official judges of KCBS (<<<<< google that ish too....fer reals) competitions, the reasoning for the class is i might at some point take this lil obsession of mine and do something with it to make money...by competing... do i have to spell everything out.... they will go over the rules, and regs... and how THEY expect the meat to be cooked, it must be done to thier standards, that's how ya win!!
this little competition will be at Starr Pass Resort in tucson
This is a first annual Competition for starr pass and i cant wait, it should be a really fun comp being that it's halloween weekend, bringing an added element of fun to the scene!!

im tuckered out... today was a big cleanup for a bigwig general, who will hopefully look favorably on us and be able to grant us with more work, which means more secure job... but i was on the shop's ole john deere ALLLLLLLLLLLL day movin trailers and then we threw on the brushhog and i mowed the back 40, and i killed me a big old effin mean fat Rattleworm!!! the effer musta been at least...AT LEAST 5 feet long and a good soda can around, im surprised no one got bit by him. i saw him and ran his snakey butt over, he kept wriggling so i hit him with the 'hog, still kept goin so swung back around and sqwashed his head. i knew he was gonna have a good rattle, so i cut it off and added it to my collection.

man... this writing thing is...yeah writing..... im tired.. so im out, thanks again for reading!!!

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