04 August 2010

so you git it, im a BBQueholic!!! but im alos a lil photog nut too, i haven't been able to do it as much as i want to cuz im a broke..... yeah im po... but crystal's dad has a nice digi cam that i have been usin to accomplish my fav photography to dayt... lightning!!! this is the one that started it all

and another from the other night, this is like crack.....er... i imagine that it would be like crack to a crackhead, it's easy... but difficult at the same time, relieving, and sooooo utterly frustrating, trying to guess where it's gonna hit next, or the shutter will close and BANG it hits right there.... or im about to click the button..... and WAM BAM THANK YOU MAM... the mother of all strikes hits... and i didnt git it... but that's the thrill of it all!!!!

well im off to try smore..!!!! have a good night!!!

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