30 October 2010

1st Annual Starr Pass BBQ Classic

This was an exciting weekend, for me at least, SWMBO was...i wouldnt say less than enthusiastic... but was no where estatic as I. I officially became a member of KCBS by taking a CBJ, that's Certified Barbeque Judge, class. A class... to eat up some BBQ, you say??? yeah a class... a 5 hour class to learn HOW to judge BBQ. it's not just maowing down some ribs and chicken, porkbutt and brisket.... ya gotta FEEL the food, gotta smell it, taste it, it cant be too mushy, or too hard, and that's what they teach you at the class, the rules on how to judge the MEAT as it comes to ya....
reenforced this weekend was that i still havent had anyone cook ribs like they should be cooked at home.... unfortunantly grew up in a BBQ less life looking back on things... there was a grill, but as ive said before not BBQ... there was a crock pot...buuuuuuttttt WAY NOT bbq.... then there were them boiled... grilled then baked in BBQ sauce ribs... fall off the bone.....over cooked...just couldnt, and cant compare to what i sampled this weekend. the chicken....was off the chain too; porkbutt like i've only had at the last BBQ comp i went to , and brisket made by people who make brisket like their lives depend on it...cuz in a way it does, it's what pays the bills for some of these folks.

i got to meet up with a bunch of old friends this weekend, and meet new ones! hope the connections can last a lifetime!

in doin the judging i got to stay at a great resort at starr pass, with some small problems aside, it was a great stay, and the food they had was phenomenal!! they had and awesome aged smoked cheddar nachos which crystal and i tried the chicken and beef, both top notch...the only downfall with dining was the lack of Coke products, and i am a HUGE COKEHEAD!!! and for crystal... no DP... oh sure they had Dr. wells... but for you Dr Pepper purists.......nothin else will do in it's place.. they didnt even have rootbeer.... what kinda place doesnt have rootbeer.....so we were stuck with pepsi....cherry pepsi actually, I needed the grenadine to cover the taste of that crappy pepsi junk... and it did so well.

All in all this weekend was just bout perfect, great weather, great food, great people, it's almost too bad i'll be hunting when the next Comp rolls around cuz i'd love to visit that one, hope next year i can get out to a bunch more comps to judge and to help, all leading to maybe one day starting up my own team, so i can join ranks with all them crazy guys and gals that do this a few times a month.

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