18 November 2010

First hunt as an adult... was....let's go with disappointing.... yeah, not the whole experience, but the lack of killing anything. day before the hunt we had already been campin out there so we got up early in the am to go out scouting to see where these effer's were hiding... and BAM we came across a huge (to me at least) 4x4 buck musta been a 170 at least. BIG... so i got excited!!! i was gonna git a GREAT buck my first time out.... NOT!!!! we didnt see any effin thing til i went out again tuesday... from thurs til tues them boogers hid but good. then wed came along seeming just the same ole as the previous days... but oh no no.... i get out of the truck and all suited up. I start walkin up a hill, 'bout 50 or so yards up the hill i hear a lot of commotion up top, i freeze, smiling. There is something up there for shore!! i wait til the commotion subsides and continue slowly up the hill and when i get to the top i see 'em....'em not 'im.... i see 2 doe... no.3....nop 5..wait...6 of 'em (see 'em is them, 'im his him) 6 of them, all staring in my general direction, 12 eyes, 12 ears tryin to figure out what the heck i was, about 70 yards away.... we stood there staring at each other for a good 30 min. they were snorting (blowing) at me tryin to spook me off i suppose, but again they couldnt see me very well i was camo'd up and behind a bush. but i wasnt budging, i was trying hard to see some antlers... but they never popped out...dang... i gotta get in further, see ya later ladies, and they continued on their way too. i continue albiet to the north instead of the east i was heading as to not spook them into tellin their boyfriend i was comin for him. walked up and around the face of a bigger hill and saw/heard movement again, it was them same doe on a different hill and they picked up a couple more chicks, so they number at 8 now, but they didnt see me i again watched them up and over the hill tryin to see if the newcomers just happened to have even spikes, no such luck... BANG!!!!!! just one...i knew that guy got one.... whereever he was, sounded like just around this hill i was on... so i continue around this hill seein if maybe my guy got spooked my way perhaps... again no such luck..... i keep truckin...well walkin... i shoulda said trudging....sure... then i get around the corner and my suspicions were confirmed with a truck parked in the middle of the road.... what a doosh... this is an operating ranch the rancher needs this road to get through.... oh well...not my ranch i guess.. then another commotion... this time voices...human voices.... dragging somethin.... :( something with a BIG rack... HUGE RACK... i see them and they now see me so i wave, and they wave back and i shout "didja git the big one?".... "5x5" they yell back... yeah... 5x5.... that's what i thought i saw through my binocs.... they got the big one.... and i couldnt even pull outa spike.... they were just drivin in that day.... i had been scouting... for months.... and nothin....so what does that teach me?... not to hunt 30b next year that's what i taught me.... i read the buck:doe ratio is 10:100.... that's stupid... next year im gonna even up the odds, im gonna use attractants, im gonna use what ever i can to get one next year. here's to next year... maybe even next month, i just gotta borrow somebody's bow, and i'll try for archery. til then.... im poopin indoors!

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