22 January 2011


WHy is it that when i find i want to get into somethin...say BBQin for the masses... somethin happens that makes me THINK.... that i shouldnt...what is it about me that things seem to be goin great then BAM... i sprain my ankle?? is it just me... is it a test "if you make it thru this, you are ready for that"....it almost brings me to my (emotionall) knees everytime...spraining my right ankle brought me to the ground literally... first time in 26 years i have hurt this bad i think... maybe not when i effed up my left knee in taekwondo...THERE'S ANOTHER EXAMPLE, i was doin good (or so i thought) in TKD and bam.... jack my knee up sooo bad i couldnt hardly walk on it...( guess i wasnt destined for TDK...)

Ive been a mechanic darn near half my life it seems toolin around on the weekend is fun, i like makin stuff go fast and be loud, that's how i roll... but it's gettin old doin it every day... workin on the same farkin truck in and out... man...workin with the same EXACT people and their attitudes day in day out...it eats away at a person...

i want to make an impact on people... and i just cant do it like this anymore, i want to give them something to talk about, something that makes their lives happier and better than before they met me, and i want to get the same from them, from new people every day, sure in what i'd do i would develop "regular" customers, but still they'd bring something new to the table everyday.

I'd like to make an impact in the community, there used to be a time when communities supported the businesses, and businesses supported the communities. i'd like to get back to that. helping local farmers, helping local advertising, utilizing every means of LOCAL business to help Promote mine, in turn i would promote theirs. Helping out local churches so they in turn can help out local youth ministries, cuz if you have been paying attention.... people say younger than me... ARE EFFED up in general... there is NO respect anymore... and i dont know what to do... but if i can help in a fundraiser that helps people that DO know how to fix the sitch.... then by GOD i will help.

Being off work for this last week has opened my eyes that... we really only have one go around... if ya want something YA GOTTA GIT OFFA YER BUTT AND DO IT!!!!... if ya need help ask for it, someone might not know the answer...but dangit if they dont know someone who just might!!!


  1. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

    - Confucious (pretty sure)

    The hardest part is taking that first step. Decide how you want to make an impact and start doing it. Once the ball gets rolling it's all momentum.

  2. That first step, and you can make me happy here, send me all your guns. Since you are giving up being a mechanic, send me all your good tools also.