18 February 2011

A zombie killer is only as good as his aim, and aim is only as good at the sights used, and they are only as good as the calibration with which they were aligned with the bore.... to say the least ..i havent done this in a while... but needed to be done to keep from wasting ammo unnecessarily. I didnt have a laser bore sight deal, so i did it old school....old school?? WTF?? yeah old school. same idea with the laser sighter except i use my eye to look where the bullet should go THRU the barrel, instead of looking at where the bullet would go via the laser's path to the target.

basically lock it in the vise, point it at the target...should be read move the target around til it's in the middle of the barrel when looking thru where the bolt would normally be, it was only 30 feet away but again i didnt have the laser sighter... which would have allowed my eyes to see it further out. anyways... where was i.... ah yes lock in vise, check, point at target, check... then adjust windage and elevation screws until it aligns in the same general area as the "picture" thru the barrel.

this view is looking thru the barrel at the target, that little dot is where the target is 30 feed away.

now if ya have some tips to better my INITIAL sighting process pleas share with me, and check out my YOUTUBE for my "BROTHERS SHOOTING SPORTS" videos for some fun times

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  1. I hear those individual chamber lasers do a pretty good job. they are cheap (at about $8-$12) if you are only sighting in one caliber, as they are essentially a casing with a laser in them. you just turn in on, trow it in the chamber, and it directs a lazer through the barrel at the wall. then just align your sights to the red dot on your wall.