18 February 2011

so yeah.... about that carnincera....ahh whatever meat market... non english speakin.....non BBQ lovin...or knowin for that matter...how can you run a business in the USA and not even have a DECENT level of english, at least have SOMEONE that can translate... SOMETHING....ANYTHING...

but they did have meat.... skirt steak... oooooh man marbled like ive never seen before at the reg grocery, and they had lengua and cachete stuff which i had wanted to find (lengua is tongue, and the other stuff is cheek meat both from cow) then of course they had steaks and all sorts of other GRILLING meats... but no real BBQ meat... too bad, BUT im gonna go back in next time with some pictures, diagrams if you will for what i want maybe they can order it i think they have a home office in tucson so they arent just one lil market.

they had a HUNK of pork, i think it was the top half, that which holds the baby backs... i think... hmmmmmm i wonder if i can get pork belly there... but i digress...the TOP HALF... well ... prolly more like top 1/3 all in cryovac i wanted to take the whole thing home!!!

so in order to help us both out, i need to do some research on how to say certain things so they will understand, and hopefully we can come to an agreement to help get me started in the vending/catering business i plan to start

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