16 September 2011

It is what it is...

Oh what it would be to be an animal, everything there truly is black and white... no not colors, but issues, there is no gray area, there is only what is and what isnt. There is no halfway anything, it's all or nothing, all instinct.

There is either love, or there isnt, there is no backstabbing, there is no behind your back BS talk, oh what it would be to be an animal.

Animals dont need approval from their friends or family to be who they are ( that's what i like most about them) the are who they are and they do what they do, cuz that's how they are.

i strive to get back to a more black and white society... no not segregation.... that is horrid, but where there are clear lines drawn at good and bad, moral and not.

i believe what has gone wrong in the world, and relationships are the gray areas.  lines have been blurred so much that no one really knows what side is what anymore. right and wrong is more of an opinion, and if you have the opposing opinion you are a bad person...an immoral,  prejudice buttwipe...

so i dont know where this all came from but like the title it is what it is, and i think if we'd all step back and clear our eyes we could get back to black and white, right and wrong, good and evil, ying and yang...so on.


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