17 September 2011

a little excercise

HA gotcha you thought i meant the physical kind huh... no not me... but an exercise... in futility probably as all 10 of you  who read this probably wont respond but here goes.

What is important to you?

The easy goto answer would be first  God and all He's brought into my life. In that my family is the top tier of importance, keeping them in the loop of important life goings on, ( or at least trying) and ( again) trying to be a part of the family's life... i think that i may have been lacking....or so it seems in the years before this one as im actively trying to engage in family life this year.

What's your passion??

Do your passion and what is important to you conflict each other or mesh pretty well??

Please do me a favor and answer, im trying to be engaging here!!!



  1. What is important to me?

    God & Family...... not always in that order, but I'm working on it. Without either, my life would be pointless and listless. And family, not being just the little home unit, but BOTH of our families. Brothers, sisters, Moms, Dads, and even Grandparents and aunts & uncles... they are all very important to me. I realize how much more so with each passing day.

    what is my passion?

    Photography. Teaching. Family.

    Photography is my personal passion. It gets in the way of everything because if I'm not off somewhere taking the photos, I'm spending time away from my family editing and proofing.... but since it is a beginning/side business (hobby) it doesn't take up much time in the large spectrum.

    Teaching is a newly found passion. I love teaching my children... and now even more so taking up the "teacher" role for homeschooling, it is something I can and will continue to do for years... and there's nothing like teaching and growing your kids.

    Family... just like it is important to me, they are also my passion. This time family is more centered around the little family unit we have. I would give and do just about anything for them. It is my privilege to provide (what I can) for them ... {this is obviously not monetary providence, as I'm a SAHM}... including meals, cleaning the house to make it more of a home, love, guidance, etc.

    All in all I think what's important to me and my passions mix well. What say you?

  2. #1 Important to me:
    Having integrity- not being a shady jerk (because honestly, there are too many of those kinda people out there). Family. Friendships.

    #2 My Passion:
    I have a "like" or a "love" for things.. like my Jeep, computer design, learning... but I don't know that any of it would qualify for passion.

    #3 Mesh?
    N/A- seeing as I don't feel that I have a passion....