20 September 2011

well that went well

Three comments, minus one from me, two comments on that little exercise, so i'll stay away from serious stuff i spose...

here's a throw out question maybe one of ya might know, what is a good vid cam that shoots in 1080, with the possibility of shooting 30 fps 60 fps, or even faster??

that's what i be lookin for, whether it be a Canon SLR that can record ( cuz i hear that they are hot ish for video)  or a dedicated video camera. so if ya know,  vvv--pop a comment below--vvv

as you may ( or probably dont care to know) i've gotta Youtube channel that i want to take to the next level, i have been able to step up a lil  bit with different POVs with the GoPro, but sound out of the lil guy is lacking due to it being in it's protective case, ( not that i will sideline GoPro for a bigger camera, but wont be my primary recording method like now) but i've been keeping up with a couple very interesting Youtubers that have set a bar for me ( not personally, i'd just like to meet their quality output)

So a camera is my next investment. Followed by a computer of my own, i've got that one picked out so no worries there.... except payin for it ;)

well with that said head over to my channel and check it out for heaven's sake, and comment, or maybe even subscribe. it's worth it, if not anything else you can find something else interesting.



  1. What is the link to your video youtube stuff? - Hilary

  2. Www.youtube.com/mmmgto is my channel, check it for shootin and bbqueing!