25 September 2011

Sappenin yall

Sunday was the day, it was a long day. It was a good day. not much was done, but after church went to lunch, and had a very decent lunch at the mall from .....that one place... with the teriyaki goodness, ( the name has escaped me) but it was good, normally i get the T-chicken this time i branched out for some beef and shrimp  :O shrimp at a mall!!! you must be crazy!! no just adventurous, thank you very much.

so i waited for the freshly cooked T-beef, and shrimp ( with mushrooms no less) rice and noodles( in lieu of veggies) watchin' the skilled chef chop,  scoop, flavor, all the food. picked up my order slathered on the Rooster sauce, get some, it's nice stuff!!! picked up my chopsticks.... ( cuz im authentic when i eat oriental food.... it's something i have done since i learned to use them... i NEVER (or almost never) use a fork or spoon when enjoying, it seems wrong to, so chopsticks is the way to go!! (Learn to use them!!!)

after that i wanted to show off my spoils ( that motorcycle in the bed of my truck STILL) to Cuzin jeff, he's a freak when it comes to bikes! ( in a good way) but alas he wasnt around, so i went to hang out with the lil sis, and ended helpin her clean up tha g-rents house. They'll be back next week from a summer in Minnesota.

Then it was dinner time and we decided to hit up the OG for some italian....ish food in the form of fett alfredo for me, and sketti and deadcow sauce for her. I dont care that it's not the best in the world, it's pretty decent, and at the very end, it does what most food does... so it's purpose is served.

with that, came home to the wifey who was watching the newest jeff dunham ( funny ish) that's where this story ends....


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