08 October 2011

it's been a minit, since i updated you on life, so i wont bother, that's a long story, but howwa bout the weekend, it's only saturday right but that's ok. what've i been doin ( quit thinkin that what've isnt a word and catch up)  i've been BBQin like a mutha!!!

Thursday brisket and pulled pork went on for  a lunch at The Academy. then in the morning had to cook up cornbread, beans coleslaw and chicken... farkin chicken.... but everything went off, and food got scarfed!! happy customers, happy me!!!

then a "day off" after the drop off on friday, crys an i headed up to sign up at sams club, so i can get meat!! yyyuuuummmm mmmmeat! then we continued shopping blahdy blahdy blahdy. dinner at in and out good finish to the day..... when we got back to SV...

then we get to today where i again started prepping meat, albeit MUCH MUCH earlier than thurs... due to technical difficulties that i learned on fri morn, i decided to start earlier to reduce headache.

so im cookin, watchin the news, and with these smokers, i'll be able to sleep which i'll appreciate very greatly!! i like sleep!!


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